Public Information

Contact Information for Elbert County PIO:
Phone: 720-639-5850
FB: Elbert County Public Information
Twitter: @ElbertCoPIO

Press Releases regarding 2018 Primary Election:
June 28, 2018
July 6, 2018
July 19, 2018

Press Release dated June 21, 2018
Library Board Withdraws Lawsuit
Trustees Claim Victory but Taxpayers Lose

Press Releases dated March 4, 2018
Forest Ridge Fire

Press Release dated January 17, 2018
Commissioners Disappointed with Library Board Action

Press Release dated September 22, 2017
State Audit of County Property Assessments

Press Release dated September 20, 2017
Commissioners Select New County Manager

Press Release dated August 24, 2017
Commissioners Select Candidates For Manager

Press Release dated June 29, 2017
Renewed Interest in Energy Exploration

Press Release dated June 22, 2017
Elbert County Manager Resigns

Press Release dated June 13, 2017
County Purchases Vacant Bank of West Building

Press Release dated April 26, 2017
Response to Recent Events at Lion's Gate Sanctuary