Administrative Oil/Gas Applications & Forms (MINOR FACILITIES)

The forms required to begin the application process are below. Please click the link to view and/or download each document. Elbert County's preference is for an applicant to have an executed MOU prior to the issuance of a Colorado State Permit 2A.  The MOU contains BMPs that will have to be included as BMPs on the 2A Permit prior to its issuance or attached to it with COGCC Form 4 - Sundry Notice to amend the 2A if the 2A is issued prior to executing an MOU with Elbert County.

  1. Pre-Submittal Checklist (This is a generic form. Please talk with you planner as you gather your pre-app items).
  2. Application
  3. Standard MOU
  4. Master Road Use Agreement
  5. Fire Protection & Safety Agreement
  6. Overview of Pre-Application Meeting Preparations
  7. Part II, Section 27: Elbert County Zoning Regulations (This document spells out the application process)
  8. COGCC FORM 4 - Sundry Amendment to State 2A (Required by Elbert County to include MOU elements on 2A)

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