Please read the following suggestions before hiring a contractor in Elbert County for your building project.

  1. Elbert County does not require contractor licensing which allows contractors to keep their prices more affordable. This also means that Elbert County does not have any authority over contractors.  The County does not have the authority to penalize them if they do not follow the rules and regulations.  It is up to citizens to ensure that the contractor you hire follows the rules.  If the regulations are violated the penalty falls on the property owner(s).  Be vigilant! 
  2. Elbert County has many, many wonderful contractors. Just know that because Elbert County does not require contractor licensing, the County cannot recommend or share specific information about specific contractors with you.  Dig deep and do your homework!
  3. Know that all buildings in Elbert County greater than 120 square feet require a permit.  If anyone tells you that your project “does not need a permit”, verify that before having any work done. Call us if you have any concerns!
  4. All buildings of any kind are required to be secured to the ground -- even those that are 120 square feet or less.  There is no such thing as a “temporary building” that doesn’t need a permit just because it isn’t attached to the ground or because it is “on skids”.  The Elbert County Zoning Regulations address “temporary structures” in a very specific way and require a land use application process prior to their construction or installation.
  5. If your contractor is applying for the building permit for your project, require that your contractor show you the actual building permit before ANY work is done at all.
  6. It is recommended that you not pay anyone for work until you are certain that you have a valid building permit. Your only remedy should your contractor fail you is court. Court is rarely fun.
  7. Do not allow your contractor to even dig a foundation until the building permit issued.Part of plan review (prior to issuing a permit) involves a site plan.  This is a picture that shows were the new building is being proposed on your land.  The new building must meet setbacks for your zone district.  If your contractor digs a hold, pours a foundation and/or builds ANYTHING and it does not need setback, the entire project will have to be dismantled and moved so it does meet setbacks.  Don’t risk the trouble and expense!
  8. If you want your contractor insured and/or bonded it is up to you to require proof of it.  Because Elbert County does not require contractor licensing the county has none of these records.
  9. Check references and not only the ones that your contractor provides you.  Ask around to see if he has done any work that is not on his or her list of satisfied customers. Do an Internet search – there are many review web sites available that may provide you information.

Please call our office at 303-621-3185 to confirm that the permit has been issued PRIOR TO ANY WORK BEING DONE!

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