About Building in Elbert County

Building permits and inspections are required for new construction, additions, and remodeling work to confirm that all structures meet applicable County, State and Federal building code requirements. This ensures that all buildings within Elbert County are built and maintained safely. Elbert County has adopted the IRC/IBC 2006.


A permit is required for projects such as new construction, additions, tenant improvements, pools, spas, signs, roofs, remodeling, and work on electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. Work started before a building permit is issued could be subject to higher than the original permit fee. It may be useful to print each of the below items out -- each is a single page.

Adopted ICC Valuation Data 1997 UBC Building Permit Fees Impact Fees: All new homes on 35 acres or more shall pay impact fees. Impact fees were paid on most parcels in subdivisions at the time of subdivision. Impact fees will be due on all commercial development.

Any building less than 120 square feet that has no utilities or water does not require a building permit. Please be aware that SOME home repairs (internal and external) do require a permit and some do not. Please contact our office prior to doing any repair, maintenance or remodeling work to discuss your project prior to doing any work.

DOES NOT NEED ELBERT COUNTY PERMIT: - Structures 120 square feet or less that are not for occupancy (sheds, stock shelter, etc.) - Siding - Floor covering - Cabinet replacement - Gutters - Like for like window and door replacements - Deck covering/Decking (deck floor only) -- if you are replacing hand rails or any part of the support system you need a permit - Any deck that is 30" or less from the ground - Concrete pad (no structure tied into it)

Building Permit Application Forms

We NO LONGER have an inspection phone line -- all inspections are done through the website: Building Inspection Request

Click the link below for directory of forms and publications for both residential and commercial projects.



Permitted work must be inspected before it is considered complete. Please complete the form below and SUBMIT -- All inspections must be requested online or in person. Inspection days are Monday through Thursday (Excluding Holidays). Cut off for collection of inspection requests is 3:00 PM.


Electrical Permits

Electrical permits are issued by the State and electrical inspections are done by the State. Click Here for General Information Click for HOMEOWNER AS APPLICANT Click for CONTRACTOR AS APPLICANT

Building Codes Elbert County has adopted the 2006 IBC. These are the building codes used to review and approve construction projects.

Construction Plan Review

Many projects require construction plans that must be approved prior to receiving a permit. In addition there are some requirements for construction in Elbert County.

Elbert County Structural Design Criteria;

Ground Snow Load: 45 lb psf Roof Snow Load: 30 lb psf Wind speed: 90 mph Seismic Design Category: B Weathering: Severe Frost Line Depth: 36" Exposure: C Ice Barrier Underlayment Requirement: Yes

Mandatory Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Re-Roof Requirements

Rattlesnake Fire District Sign Off Sheet - For properties within the Rattlesnake Fire District Only