Starting or Expanding a Business in Elbert County?

The best FIRST STEP is to contact the Community & Development Services (CDS) Department about anything that may be required of your location choice, how the parcel is zoned and what the uses by right may be.  Often times a real estate broker will inform the buyer of the possibilities – and that is wonderful when brokers promote our amazing county!  What brokers are not always aware of is what the development requirements and criteria may be.  At CDS we can work with you early in the process of developing your business as well as your site location so you can better plan for your new venture!



Eleven Steps to Forming a Business In Elbert County (PDF Download)

Here Are Some Frequently asked Questions

What Should I expect it to Cost?

While Elbert County does not require a business license it is a planned and zoned county.  Certain parcels are zoned in specific ways and have a variety of uses by right.  If you have found the perfect piece of land for your business and it is not zoned for your business-type you can apply for rezoning or special uses that may allow you to conduct your business at that location.  Other times there may be reasons that a business should not be located in a certain place taking the surrounding uses into consideration. Sometimes the proposed use is incompatible with existing surrounding uses.  In these cases CDS can work with an applicant in attempts to locate a more suitable location.

Are There Any County Fees Involved?

If a parcel is properly zoned for the proposed use there will be no rezoning or special use permissions required.  This does NOT mean that you do not need to work with CDS and Elbert County.  In some cases impact fees will be required for the additional wear and tear that a commercial operation puts on county infrastructure.  Elbert County Property taxes are some of the lowest in the state.  Because of this, infrastructure costs are not supported by just property taxes.  As a new business you will be using infrastructure that was installed by the County tax payer.  It is just one mechanism to allow users to pay for their impacts.

Also, even if the property is ZONED appropriately for the proposed use, all commercial developments must go through the site planning process in Elbert County.  This is an administrative process that plans for the drainage, grading, the ingress and egress, the traffic flow and the general layout of the development.  Click here for a site plan packet.

Do I Need a Business License?

Elbert County does not issue traditional business licenses; however, Land Use Permits ARE required. For additional information about land use permits, call the Community & Development Services Department at (303) 621-3171.

What About Sales Tax?

If you will be selling goods or services to customers in Elbert County, you will need to collect the State 2.9% and the County’s 1% sales tax.  Depending upon your location, you may also be required to collect sales taxes for the City or Metro District that you may be located in.  Please contact the proper entity or ask CDS who you might need to contact when you communicate with them.

By law, the State of Colorado collects and administers sales tax collections for the County and the Towns of Elizabeth, Kiowa and Simla.  You will need to register with the State at http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/Revenue/REVX/1176829212120 for a sales tax license. 

You will remit your sales tax collections for Elbert County and the Towns of Elizabeth, Kiowa and Simla to the State and they will, in turn, send them to County or to the Towns. 

Where do I obtain a City/Town Business License?

The Town of Elizabeth, call: 303-646-4166
The Town of Kiowa, call: 303-621-2366
The Town of Simla, call: 303-541-2468

Where do I get by State Business License?

To obtain a State of Colorado business license, contact the Colorado Department of Revenue by calling: (800) 970-3468 or on-line: http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/Revenue/REVX/1178305431219

To register a business or trade name with the State of Colorado, visit the Colorado Secretary of State's site: http://www.sos.state.co.us/


Business Start-Up Tools and Services

CDBG Business Loan Funds

Every year, the State of Colorado receives an allocation of federal funds to use for both community and economic development efforts within the state. OEDIT receives approximately one-third of the state’s annual allocation of funds to use specifically for economic development efforts statewide. Specifically, we use this funding to aid the state’s Business Loan Funds.

Currently, Colorado has 14 Business Loan Fund locations, which have service areas covering the majority of the state’s rural areas. These 14 programs are responsible for promoting and fostering economic development efforts at the local level by providing financial assistance in the form of loans and loan guarantees to businesses in their respective regions. The loan program is locally driven, with each loan fund having its own local loan review committee and local Board of Directors. Colorado uses federal funds and Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG Funds) it receives to provide funding to aid the state's Business Loan Funds.

Business Loan Fund locations, including current loan fund administrator for Elbert County is:


Prairie Development Corporation

Elbert, Lincoln, Kit Carson and Cheyenne Counties

MaryJo Downey

Candace Payne


Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
The SBDC is one of the first places to contact for help starting a new business. The organization offers free one-on-one counseling services in the areas of business financing information, research and marketing, business plan preparation, and other small business subjects.

SBDCs are a cooperative venture of the U.S. Small Business Administration, the state of Colorado, and other organizations.

Colorado Procurement Technical Assistance Program (PTAC)
Want to sell to the government? Colorado PTAC  provides State-wide procurement technical assistance by offering no-fee and confidential counseling on selling your products or services to the appropriate government agency.

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