So you own some land or you may buy some?  Maybe you are considering moving to Elbert County. Welcome!

There are a lot of things that can be done with land. Some of the things that a person can do with or on their land are referred to as "Uses by Right".  These are rights that are associated with a particular zoning district.  There are things that one can do "by right" on Agriculturally zoned land that one might not be able to do on smaller, Residentially zoned land.  In other cases there are things that may be done following a formal review called a Special Use by Review (SUR). Some people buy land with the hopes of one day subdividing it.  Below are some one-page overviews of some of the most common land use processes that we see in Elbert County.  If you have more questions please contact our office.

Fees:  The costs associated with any land use application are borne by the applicant.  Fees will include the planning review fees or application fees, the engineering review fees, survey review fees and any other specialty consultants (examples: legal reviews, financial reviews, etc.) that may be required for a particular land use application.  Outside specialty consultants are utilized for large, complex applications and are not generally needed for Basic Rezones, Minor Subdivisions or simple Special Use by Review applications.
         - Planning Review (Application Fees)
         - Engineering Review Fee Estimates

The first step for any land use application is a Pre-Application Meeting
PRE-APPLICATION DOCUMENTS (Required for ALL Land Use Applications)

1. Pre-Application Meeting Application Form

GENERAL STEP-BY-STEP OF AN APPLICATION (link): This link will provide an overview of the basic steps for most land use applications that require a "Public Hearing Process". This includes any Rezone, Special Use by Review permit, Subdivision, some Plat Amendments or Lot Line Adjustments.


Basic Rezone: These are the very basic steps that one might have to take to rezone a parcel.

Minor Subdivision: These are the basic steps to create a subdivision of seven or fewer lots. It is important to note that for a new parcel to be served by well and septic it must be at least 10 acres.  If lots are between 5 and  9.9999 acres they must be served by either central water or central sewer.

   - Sample Fees for a 1 Lot Minor Subdivision
             - Sample Open Space Fees for a 1 Lot Minor Subdivision
         - Sample Fees for a 2 Lot Minor Subdivision
             - Sample Open Space Fees for a 2 Lot Minor Subdivision

         - Sample Fees for a 4 Lot Minor Subdivision
             - Sample Open Space Fees for a 4 Lot Minor Subdivision

         - Sample Fees for a 7 Lot Minor Subdivision
             - Sample Open Space Fees for a 7 Lot Minor Subdivision

Special Use by Review: What is a Special Use? A special use is a process buy which a land owner is granted permission under specific circumstance to do something on a parcel of land that isn't a "Use by Right" in that zoning district. Not all uses are available on all land.

Variance: This is a public process before the Board of Adjustment. These occur when a land owner finds that something is just not possible to build without some concessions made with regard to the regulation. Having a variance awarded is rare. If there is an alternative of any kind available, the Board of Adjustment will usually require the land owner to do it.
            - Sample Fees for Basic Variance from Setback