Road and Bridge

The mission of the Road and Bridge Department is to provide the citizens of the County with the safest possible roadway infrastructure, with the funds that are available.  To improve the roadway system as funding is available.  To take pride in the maintenance of the roadway system and the equipment used to complete the same.    

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Rory Hale, Director of Public Works


Construction is nearing completion on the salt/sand shed being built on Singing Hills Road.  The salt/sand shed is a great asset addition to Elbert County Road and Bridge operations.  The salt/sand shed will create savings by protecting the material purchased for the sanding of roadways during icy conditions.  The central location of the salt/sand shed also provides greater access to multiple snow routes reducing the fuel usage during snow storms.

20180912_083102_resized  New Salt Sand Storage Building

Ponderosa Park Subdivision Rebuild
Mitigation and rebuild efforts are taking place on Stagecoach Trail, Verdos Drive, Antelope Trail and Bunny Lane within the Ponderosa Park subdivision. Ponderosa Park subdivision, created in 1962, has a landscape of rolling to steep terrain most of which is densely treed.  The last home built in the subdivision, erected in 1993, sits below the elevation of the roadway similar to many homes in the subdivision. Narrow roadways pose great hazards to the passing motorists and major flooding to properties has happened for many years. Elbert County Road & Bridge Foremen have been working in the background for months creating feasible roadway designs and working with impacted homeowners, many of whom have personal property encroaching the right-of-ways. Crews have now completed work on Stage Coach Trail from the entrance into the subdivision to Verdos Trail.  The completed work includes widening of the roadway, re-establishing ditch lines, re-aligning water shed and establishing right-of-way including the clearing of trees and personal property for increased vision for safety.  

Mowing operations have begun.  Due to budgetary constraints, mowing operations are done once a year on roadways.  Road & Bridge crews delay the mowing operations until late summer to maximize efforts.  Grader Operators take turns using the mowing equipment to mow the roads along their designated routes. 

Stage Run Subdivison - Cherokee Trail