The Elbert County Sheriff's Office (ECSO) Detentions Division has existed since the establishment of Elbert County on February 2, 1874. The current Elbert County jail was built in 1984 and currently houses all classifications of adult male and female inmates for police departments in Elizabeth and Simla, the Colorado State Patrol, and state and federal law enforcement agencies. The jail holds both unadjudicated and sentenced inmates.

Top Priority

Safety and security for staff and inmates is the top priority of the ECSO Detentions Division. The deputies who operate the facility minimize inmate movement by providing, within inmates' secured areas, a variety of services that include:

  • Education
  • Medical
  • Rehabilitation
  • Religious
  • Visitation

Full-Service Kitchen

The jail's full-service kitchen serves approximately 48,000 meals each year. Meals are prepared in accordance with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and American Jail Association standards.


The jail's commissary provides inmates a way to spend their own money to purchase items online, such as clothing, games, electronics, and food. Inmates may also use their funds to make telephone calls. Family and friends can put money into an inmate's commissary account by visiting the jail or electronically via the Inmate Canteen website.