Criminal Justice Records Act Requests

The Elbert County Sheriff's Office Records Division is responsible for processing, maintaining, retrieving, and releasing information and copies of reports in accordance with federal and State regulations and guidelines.

The Elbert County Sheriff's Office follows the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act, to include all applicable Colorado Revised Statutes, and Elbert County Sheriff's Office policies as they relate to releasing criminal justice records. You may be referred to either the District Attorney or to the courts to obtain records the Sheriff's Office is not able to provide.

How to Submit a Record Request

To obtain copies of records maintained by the Elbert County Sheriff's Office, including criminal reports, booking photos and traffic reports, fill out and sign a request form. Include payment of $10 (research fee, Resolution 09-16), payable to the Elbert County Sheriff's Office. Records Division personnel will then research whether the record is releasable by the Sheriff's Office and will contact you with the fee for the record ($0.25 per page). You must mail or deliver payment before we will release the record.

If you come to the Records Division office in person, in most cases we will process your request while you wait. If it is a complicated request, a request that will take a lot of time to process, or if the report is stored off-site, we may require the 72 hours we are allowed by law to process your request.

Dispatch Recordings

To obtain a copy of an Elbert County Sheriff's Office dispatch recording, submit a completed records request form and a completed dispatch recording form. Copies of dispatch recordings are $25 for the first copy and $10 for each additional copy.

Other Records Fees

Request for Records

  • $0.25 per page (1 to 25 pages)
  • $30 per hour (1st hour free) Retrieval and Redaction Fee (50 or more pages)

Records Check, Address Activity, Calls for Service

  • $7.50 Retrieval and Redaction Fee (25 to 50 pages)
  • $30 per hour (first hour is free) Retrieval and Redaction Fee (50 or more pages)
  • $5 per Clearance Letter (adoption/international travel) local level only

Copy of Dispatch Recordings

  • $25 (per case/incident)
  • $10 (additional copy)

Mug Photo

  • $7 search fee and photo
  • $2 each additional copy

Records Documents