Registered Sex Offender Information

Adjudicated Sexual Offenders (SXOs) register with the Detention Division of the Elbert County Sheriff's Office. SXOs must appear immediately after conviction to provide the Sheriff's Office with information about their conviction and the location of residence within the county, and to register quarterly or annually, depending on their registration requirement. Deputies assigned to the Detention Division monitor and track these offenders.

Public Notification


Sexual Offender Tracking & Registration Website

Colorado jurisdictions, including the Elbert County Sheriff's Office, have teamed up to build the Sexual Offender Tracking and Registration (SOTAR) website. Here, you can search for sex offender registrations and create maps of known sex offender locations. SOTAR agencies believe that community education is critical, and ask that you use the information responsibly and with the intent that "education creates prevention."

You can also search for Colorado convicted sex offenders at the Colorado Bureau of Investigations website.