American Red Cross Training

The Elbert County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) along with the local Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross work together to address the immediate needs of emergency response and recovery for Elbert County residents. Volunteer training is available based on community interest and willingness to train to support Elbert County. If you are interested in being Red Cross trained, please contact OEM so that a census of interest can be collected to merit a training class.

Volunteer Roles

Severe winter storms and blizzards on the front range sometimes prompt the need for emergency sheltering access. When a shelter is activated, there are three key roles that can support the operation of a shelter. The Red Cross Mile High Chapter can provide free training on these roles, provided there is enough interest to merit a class. These roles are:

  • Disaster Action Team (DAT) members
  • Shelter Manager
  • Shelter Support Staff

Training for these roles involves a combination of online and in-person coursework.  Role descriptions and an outline of training requirements will be provided at the time of training. Participants can then decide which of these roles they want to pursue and register for the next step. The benefit of trained community members is having local residents who know the culture of the community and who are trained on the systems & processes that support an organized emergency response with Elbert County.

For More Information

For more information, contact the Office of Emergency Management at or by calling 303-805-6132.