Certification of Value for Taxing Authorities

  • The assessor is required to certify  (by August 25) to each taxing entity the total assessed value of property within the entity's boundaries, and the value attributable to:
  • Annexation
  • Federal property that has become taxable
  • Inclusion
  • Increased production of mines and oil and gas
  • New construction

The assessor must re-certify to each taxing entity any changes in value made after the August 25 certificate of value by the suggested deadline of December 1 no later than December 10. Local taxing entities, please visit the Colorado Department of Local Affairs website Budgeting and Finance page to view all required forms and documentation with DLG.

SENATE BILL 23B-001- Changes for Tax Year 2023 only

A reduction in the residential Assessment Rate from 6.675% to 6.7%

A value exemption of $55,000 for each residential classified property

  • Certification of Values from Assessor to Local Governments New deadline 1/03/2024
  • Local Governments submit levies to Commissioners 1/10/2024
  • Commissioners certify levies 1/17/2024
  • Tax Roll delivered to Treasurer 1/24/2024

Certification Documents