Property Tax Calculation

Levied Taxes

No later than December 15, each city, town, school district, and special district certifies its tax levy to the Board of County Commissioners. The County Board certifies and orders onto its record the levy for all towns, cities, school districts, and special districts that are in the County. No later than December 22, the County Board certifies all levies to the Assessor.

Tax Warrant

As soon as practicable after taxes for the year have been levied, but no later than January 10 of the following year, the Assessor delivers the tax warrant to the Treasurer. The Treasurer is then responsible for the collection of all taxes listed on the warrant. Property taxes for the prior year become due and payable.

Taxes may be paid in full by April 30 or paid in two equal installments, the first installment is due by the last day in February and the second installment is due by June 15.

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