Food and Inspections

Licensing in Elbert County

The Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) require that complete plans and specifications must be submitted, reviewed, and approved by the local public health department before any construction, remodeling, and/or taking over an existing facility can begin on a retail food establishment or a license can be issued. Requirements for constructing and operating a retail food establishment can be found in the Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations. 

Depending on what you sell, Elbert County Public Health (ECPH) will determine what license you will receive. Licensing fees are determined based on the type and size of business you are opening. If you have questions about what you are permitted to sell, and what license you may need please contact our office at 303-621-3144.

How to Open a Business

How to Open a Business

Inspectionspic 4

Inspections are completed by the Health and Environmental Specialist on a yearly basis. To request an inspection, please contact our office or submit your request by email to Public Health

Foodborne Illness & Complaints

To report foodborne illness or another Public Health concern, please contact our office. 

Resources for Business Owners

See a list of various resources for business owners. If you need more assistance or for answers to specific questions, please call our office.