Severe Weather

Grader/snow plow clearing snowColorado is no stranger to unpredictable weather.  It may be sunny one moment and within minutes it's hailing. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to severe weather, but cold air aloft and wind shear are two of the major players when it comes to spring severe weather in the state of Colorado. Severe weather may consist of hail, thunderstorms, floods, high winds, heavy rain, tornados or winter storms. It's very important to have a plan and be prepared for any incoming hazardous weather.

Alerts & Situational Awareness

Elbert County nor any of the county’s municipalities do not utilize sirens or audible alarms to notify the public of severe weather hazards. CodeRED is the mass emergency notification system used to notify county residents of severe weather as well as other natural and man-made hazards/threats. Sign up for CodeRED and be sure to establish an account so that you can manage the notifications you receive and update your contact information as needed.

Sign up with CodeRed Notifications and Elbert County Alerts.

Reference Elbert County's Weather Hazards Map which allows local viewing of current weather.

Learn more about NOAA Weather Radios All-Hazards Network.