Emergency & Public Information Map

This page exists to support public awareness of high-consequence emergencies and the impacts of severe weather within Elbert County. In the event of such an emergency, an incident will appear on the map in addition to relevant evacuation, reunification, and road closure information.  

Public Information Officers (PIO) will work to guide community members to this page for the most relevant information and guidance on what actions should be taken. Review the guidance found on this page before attempting to contact the County PIOs.

Elbert County Emergency Management


  1. There are no alerts at this time.

Click the map for the latest incident information.

Elbert Incident Map

Incident Map

Information in this map is compiled using the best available data provided by emergency responders to OEM. During an emergency event, information can change rapidly. This map will be updated throughout the event as new information is provided, so please check the map often. To see the latest data, you may have to refresh the map.

If you are in a life-threatening situation or see one developing, dial 911 immediately.