Who does the inspection and what does the inspector look for?

An approved and certified “third party” inspector will do the inspection. That inspector will check the septic tank, electrical connections, controls and pumps (if the OWTS has these), and the soil treatment area (leach field). The inspector will need to inspect all items listed on the Elbert County inspection form and answer whether or not they are acceptable.  If the Record Drawing is inaccurate or does not exist, a current drawing must be submitted with the inspection report.  

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1. Why does ECPH have a Use Permit Program?
2. What is a “Use Permit”?
3. What circumstances will require me to obtain or renew my “Use Permit”?
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6. Who does the inspection and what does the inspector look for?
7. What if the inspector finds problems or deficiencies with the OWTS?
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