Can I check and see if my number is in the system?

No. If you are unsure, sign up online.

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1. What number will show up on my caller ID?
2. How do I know if I'm in the system?
3. Can I sign up more than two phone numbers?
4. What if I don't want to receive CodeRED weather alerts on my phone?
5. Is bad weather the only time CodeRED will send out an alert?
6. Will I receive a second alert when the pending danger is over?
7. How many call attempts does the CodeRED dialing system make for each phone number?
8. Are CodeRED messages only delivered to people who pick up the phone in-person?
9. How will I know if I get an alert if I am hearing impaired?
10. If my cell phone is a long distance number, can I still receive alerts?
11. Can I check and see if my number is in the system?
12. Will everyone throughout the County be called when an emergency is only in a specific location?
13. Will CodeRED call my business number if it is located in Elbert County?
14. Why does it ask on the sign-up form if I live in a manufactured or mobile home?