Community & Development Services

Elbert County’s Community & Development Services (CDS) Department works with property owners and developers to make sure that land uses in the county comply with the County's Comprehensive Plan, codes, and regulations. This includes processing requests to rezone, subdivide, or for a special use by review.

The CDS Department processes land use applications, which are presented to the Planning Commission for review and recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners, the decision-making body. The Board of County Commissioners establishes the regulations and standards that guide CDS’s activities.

In order for a building permit to be issued, a property in Elbert County must be zoned appropriately or be in an approved subdivision. Parcels smaller than 35 acres must undergo subdivision review by CDS and the Planning Commission prior to development.

CDS’ professional staff review permits for most land uses, issue group event permits, land use change permits, and a variety of specialized permits; and support development in the County to help create a prosperous, productive and healthy community.

In addition, CDS staff provide administrative support to the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment.

Please Note: CDS accepts pre-application and administrative applications on Mondays between 9AM and 1PM. If Monday is a County holiday, applications may be submitted on the following day.

Christina Stanton
Director of Community & Development Services

Greg Laudenslager
Land Use Planner

Jenn Klich
Land Use Planner

Mike Moore
Zoning Compliance Official

Teresa Kissell
Administrative Assistant