Frequently Asked Questions

What number will show up on my caller ID?

-The primary number that will show up for Emergency Reverse Notifications is 866-419-5000, although the system does have backup numbers, if for some reason this number were out of order.

-Weather Warning Notifications will show up from the number of 800-566-9780.

 How do I know if I'm in the system?

-DON’T assume your phone number is in the system, go ahead and sign up on the Internet at, click on the CodeRED icon. Those who DO NOT have internet access may call 303.805.6132 Monday thru Thursday (7:30 am – 5 pm) to sign up for this service.

 Can I sign up more than two numbers?

-Yes. Online, you will have to submit the first two numbers, then start a new sign-up page submitting two more numbers at a time. You may use the same name and address for each, as long as the phone numbers are different.

 What if I don't want to receive CodeRED Weather alerts on my phone?

- Individuals may choose to opt out of receiving weather alerts ONLY. Most landline phone numbers are already listed in the CodeRED database. To OPT OUT of CodeRed notications please go to: or call 866-939-0911.

 Is bad weather the only time CodeRED will send out an alert?

-Weather-related emergencies are the primary use for a CodeRED alert, but town/county officials will also utilize the system during public safety emergencies. Examples of these include;

* Flooding in your area that could put you at risk;

* Evacuation notice-due to some type of hazard spill/gas leak emergency;

* Fire in your area that could put you at risk;

* Bomb threats;

* Hostage situations;

* Drinking water contamination or boil water notice;

* Missing persons;

* For any emergency reason deemed necessary by city officials.

 Will I receive a second alert when the pending danger is over?

-Yes, if authorized personnel feel it is necessary.

 How many call attempts does the CodeRED dialing system make for each telephone number?

-The CodeRED dialing system attempts each record up to 3 times in the first round of calling in order to maximize the number of delivered messages. Multiple rounds of calling can be initiated for those numbers not contacted during the first round.

 Are CodeRED messages only delivered to people who pick up the phone in-person?

-CodeRED delivers your recorded messages to a live person and to answering devices using patented RealCall® technology. The disposition of each call result is viewable through the CodeRED Job Statistics Screen in Real-time.

 How will I know if I get an alert if I am hearing impaired?

-You will need to fill out the form and make sure to check "TDD/TTY" box at bottom right of sign-up form.

 What if my cell phone is a long distance number. Can I still receive alerts?

-Yes, but you will have to register a cell phone using only 10 digits. Do not put a one (1) in front of the phone number.

 Can I check and see if my number is in the system?

-No, if you are unsure, you will need to sign up Online.

 Will everyone throughout the town/county be called when an emergency is only in a specific location?

-No. Only the residents located in an affected area will be notified. CodeRED has two features that can be used when an emergency alert is need in a specific location. These are:

* Quick radius -- selects area based on radius in miles, around a known address. This feature is

good for alerting residents in instances such as hazmat spills or missing persons.

* Advanced mapping interface -- This feature launches calls to residents by selecting geographic areas on a map. This function is used for notifying residents in a specific area, or areas in our municipality, when an exact address is not available.

 Will CodeRED call my business number if it is located in Elbert County?

-No, not unless you sign up Online. On the data collection page, click on the box to the right, SWITCH to BUSINESS DATA and enter business information. After you have signed up, your business number will be entered into the system as a business number. This will not affect you getting notified at any home or cell phone numbers you have already entered into the system.

 Why does it ask on the sign-up form if I live in a manufactured or mobile home?

-Because CodeRED has a feature that can be used if needed to alert only those living in manufactured or mobile home, such as if high winds are expected that could put you in danger.