Regulations & Applications

Current Regulations
Elbert County Zoning Regulations (effective November 18, 2019)
Elbert County Subdivision Regulations (effective November 18, 2019)
Amendments Table
1041 Regulations

Pre-Application Meeting Form
Community Meeting Packet
Water Supply Information Summary Form
Additional Fees and Expert Costs Agreement
Land Development Application Form
Fire Protection & Safety Agreement Form
Industrial Hemp Application
Group Event Permit Application (See Article XIII of the Zoning Regulations)

Schedule of Fees (adopted December 19, 2018; effective January 1, 2019)
Additional Fees (Adopted August 28, 2019)

Comprehensive Plans
Elbert County Comprehensive Plan Update (adopted April 10, 2018)
Previous Master Plans:

West Elbert County Transportation Master Plan

Old Regulations/Fees

Elbert County Subdivision Regulations --Prior to February 1, 2019

Res. 17-19 Section XVII. Administrative Parcel Consolidation

Elbert County Subdivision Regulations: Minor Subdivisions (7 lots or fewer/lot size smaller than 35 acres)

Land Use Fee Schedule (old, prior to December 20, 2018) 

Special District Service Plan Regulations

National Flood Insurance Program - Flood Damage Prevention (For Development in a Flood Plain)
Flood Plain Development Permit Application

Marijuana Prohibition Resolutions:
Medical Marijuana

Amendment 64 Prohibitions

Water is Regulated by the State of Colorado--For Colorado Water Information



 Section 1:         Title and Authority

Section 2:         Planning Commission

Section 3:         Board of Adjustment

Section 4:         Amendments to the Elbert County Zoning Regulations (ECZR)

Section 5:         Non Conforming Uses

Section 6:         Rezoning Procedures and Requirements (Revised March 28, 2018 Reso. 18-15)

Section 7 and 7.1:         Enforcement of the Zoning Regulations (Revised March 28, 2018 Reso. 18-16)

Section 8:         Fee Structure for Land Use Applications       Fee Schedule (Reso. 17-35)

Section 9:         Referral Process for Land Use Applications (Res. 17-36)

Section 10:       Public Notice Requirements for Land Use Applications (Res. 17-36)


All of Part II (this download does NOT include the Resolutions Below --  for complete regulations download them as well.)

Resolution 18-15: Changes to Part I, Section 6 and Creating Part II, Section 28 (EDZ)

Resolution 17-34:  Changes to Part II, Sections 25 & 17.  Repeal Resolution 14-14 (Part II, Section 27) Oil & Gas Review

Resolution 12-38: Changes to Sections: 12 through 16 & Section 26/Criteria for Site Plan Approval

Resolution 12-14 & 12-15: Flood Damage Prevention/Flood Plain Regulations

Resolution 11-13: Second Residence Criteria. Affects All Residential/Agricultural Lands Smaller than 20 Acres.

Resolution 09-57: Minor Changes to: ALL Residential and Agricultural Zoning RE: Temp Housing and PUD.v

Section 1:             General Requirements and Exceptions (Applies generally to all zoning categories)

Zoning Categories: The documents below from the ECZR describe things such as: uses by right, minimum acreage required, special use potential and setbacks among other things.

Section 2:            A: Agriculture (35+ acres)

Section 3:            A-2: Agriculture (20-34.9999 acres)

Section 4:            AR: Agriculture Residential (10 to 19.9999 acres)

Section 5:            RA: Residential Agriculture (10 to 34.9999 acres  -- NO NEW)

Section 6:            RA-1: Residential Agriculture 1 (5 to 9.9999 acres)

Section 7:            RA-2: Residential Agriculture 2 (2.5 to 4.9999 acres)

Section 8:            R-1: Residential 1 (1 to 2.4999 acres)

Section 9:            R-2: Residential 2 (Less than 1 acre)

Section 10:          MF: Multifamily

Section 11:          MH: Mobile Home Subdivision

Section 12:          B: Business

Section 13:          C: Commercial

Section 14:          LI: Light Industrial

Section 15:          GI: General Industrial

Section 16:          PUD: Planned Unit Development

Section 17:          SUR: Uses Permitted by Special Review

Section 18:          Uses Not Itemized

Section 19:          Sign regulations

Section 20:          Off Street Parking

Section 21:          Temporary Structures

Section 22:          Home Occupations

Section 23:          Non-Commercial Household Pets, Domestic Hoofed Livestock, Poultry, Fowl and Livestock

Section 24:          Temporary Use Permits

Section 25:          Definitions

Section 26:          Special Districts

Section 27:         (Repealed)

Section 28:         Economic Overlay Zone (EDZ) Overlay


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