State Electrical Permits

The State of Colorado issues all permits for electrical work and plumbing work and conducts all inspections associated with those requests.  This means if it runs through a pipe or it utilizes electricity in any way, please contact the state for their permitting requirements.  Below are links to information as well as to their online permitting forms.

Electrical Permits
Electrical permits are issued by the State and electrical inspections are done by the State.
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Separate plumbing permits from the State are no longer required in Elbert County. Plumbing permits are now included with your Elbert County Building permit.  Elbert County will be conducting all plumbing-related inspections.  All plumbing inspections will occur at the same intervals as your other inspections such as: A single inspection will cover your rough frame, rough mechanical and rough plumbing or all final inspections of these same items will occur in the same single inspection.  Separate inspections will not take place for plumbing-only inspections UNLESS the permit is plumbing only.
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