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Phone: 303-621-3123
MONDAY - THURSDAY  7:30am- 5:00pm

Citizens, you can now renew your vehicles online as long as they are not expired or an SMM Rental renewal.


You may renew 30 days before or after the Month TAB on your license plate It is best to refer to your Month TAB than to wait for your renewal card Do not wait to renew until the last week of your 30 days after your Month tab

To renew Online


Your license plate #

• Credit card or checking account info

• A valid email address

Click here for online renewal and follow the steps below:

• Enter License Plate #

• Continue

• Address Verification

• Checkout

General Information

Mailing Address:

Elbert County Motor Vehicle Department

P.O. Box 37

Kiowa, CO 80117

Fax: 303-621-3168

**Citizens must register their vehicles in the County in which they reside**

Motor Vehicle information via telephone is provided at 303-621-3123. To prevent errors, fees WILL NOT be quoted over the phone. Credit Cards ARE NOT ACCEPTED. If you are writing a check, we must have the following on the check:

  • Your driver's license number
  • Your current phone number
  • The check maker must imprint Name and Address on the check

Please make checks payable to: Elbert County Clerk Our office does NOT accept the following checks:

  • Out of state
  • Temporary
  • Credit Card checks

If your check is returned to our office for insufficient funds, the following actions will be taken:

  • A $20.00 returned check fee would be charged.
  • Your vehicle's registration and license plates will be CANCELLED and possibly seized by the Elbert County Sheriff's Office.
  • For two years from the date of the check, all transactions will be CASH ONLY.


Proof of Insurance

The State of Colorado requires minimum insurance requirements of the below amounts in order to register your vehicle:

  • Bodily Injury $25,000.00 per person / $50,000.00 two or more persons
  • Property Damage $15,000.00


Colorado requires that all registered vehicles operating on Colorado roads to be properly insured. Effective July 1, 1999, all owners of Tax Class C (passenger, motor home, and motorcycle) will be required to provide proof of insurance for the vehicle prior to vehicle registration/renewal. This does not change the fact that all motor vehicle types must have insurance coverage.

We will accept the following as proof of insurance coverage:

  • Valid Insurance Card
  • Declaration Page
  • Binder/letter from an insurance company on company letterhead

The Laws In 1997, House Bill 1209 was enacted. This legislation requires the Motor Vehicle Division to contract with a provider to develop and maintain a database of insured vehicles. The Bill also requires any insurance company that writes vehicle liability policies in Colorado to report new policyholders and cancelled policies at least monthly to the provider -EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 1999.

In 1998, House Bill 1213 was enacted. This legislation requires County Motor Vehicle offices throughout the state to deny vehicle registrations for all passenger, motor home and motorcycle vehicles that do not have proof of insurance when registering those vehicles -EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 1999.

The County Motor Vehicle offices will renew your vehicle registration when shown proof of insurance. It is not the responsibility of this office, however, to contact Explore or your insurance company; this is your responsibility. Your license plates cannot be renewed without proof of insurance. You will be unable to drive your vehicle without a valid vehicle registration and license plates. You must have proof of insurance to receive a temporary permit.


Fees and Taxes

Specific ownership taxes are based on the year of manufacture of the vehicle and the original taxable value, which is determined when the vehicle is new and does not change throughout the life of the vehicle.

Ownership tax is in lieu of personal property tax. The tax is assessed for the time period, which an individual owns the vehicle. Vehicles do not need to be driven in order to be assessed this tax. For an approximate figure of the ownership taxes for twelve months you may use the following schedule:

Year Of Service Tax Rate
Year 1 2.10% of taxable value
Year 2 1.50% of taxable value
Year 3 1.2% of taxable value
Year 4 0.9% of taxable value
Year 5-9 0.45% of taxable value or $10.00 whichever is greater
Year 10+ $3.00


When purchasing a vehicle, there can also be some back ownership tax due to your purchase date. We figure taxes from the date of purchase and the next twelve months forward at time of registration.

Elbert County has State sales tax only of 2.9% and a County sales tax of 1%. Sales tax in the town of Elizabeth is 3%

Note: Colorado plates remain with the customer, not the vehicle. If a vehicle is sold or traded, license plates should be removed and a pro-rated portion of that registration fee may be credited toward your new vehicle purchase or the renewal of another vehicle registered in the same name, provided the registration is not expired at the time the credit is applied for. Plates, proof of sale and registration should be brought into the office.


  • Remove the mailing label found on the renewal postcard. Place it on an envelope or address to:

    Elbert County Clerk P.O. Box 37 Kiowa, CO 80117

  • Return the postcard with your payment in the envelope so that it will reach the County Clerk's office before the last day of the expiration month. Checks should be made payable to Elbert County and a driver's license number should be included on the check as well.
  • House Bill 98-1213, which became effective July 1, 1999, requires that prior to registration or renewal, owners of tax Class C vehicles (Passenger, Motor Home and Motorcycle), must provide proof of insurance. Signing the back of the renewal card DOES NOT constitute showing proof of insurance.
  • Effective May 12, 2000, owners of Class B vehicles (including light trucks and SUV's) must also show proof of insurance before registering vehicles.
  • If moving from another county, within the State of Colorado, fees may change. Please call the Motor Vehicle Main Office at 303-621-3123.

**Please note that ALL motor vehicle types MUST have insurance to be driven on Colorado highways**