Our Plan For the Future

Our Plan For the Future
Elbert County Commissioners Adopt 2018-2027 Strategic Plan

Elbert County, CO - Elbert County’s Strategic Plan is a roadmap for the future and outlines the priorities set by elected leadership and implemented by County staff. The County’s Strategic Plan provides guidance for both long- and short-term decisions and offers a framework for carrying out the organizational vision, mission and goals.

On November 13, 2018, the Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt the County’s 2018-2027 Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan Goals:
• Financial Sustainability: Maintain and promote a financially sustainable County government that is transparent and effective.
• Efficient Workforce: Ensure a qualified, trained, and efficient workforce.
• Open Communication: Deliver plans, updates, and status to citizens via multiple channels while ensuring open two-way communications.
• Emergency Preparedness: Plan for continuity of government in case of disaster, infrastructure failure, or economic impacts.
• Economic Growth: Support growth and economic activity in the County.

Using the Strategic Plan:
• County administration and all departments will use the plan when developing annual work plans.
• The County Manager will further identify short-range, mid-range, and long-range tasks to allow staff to accurately prioritize department workloads.
• Progress within the plan will be regularly shared with the community.
• Future policy and budget recommendations will be tied back to the plan.

Strategic Planning Background:
The 2018-2027 Strategic Plan, the County’s first Strategic Plan, was developed through a public process. The Board of County Commissioners authorized a County-wide Citizen Engagement Survey to provide additional information to drive the strategic direction of the County. The online survey was modeled from other county surveys and a flyer was mailed (with tax statements) to every property tax payer in the County (approximately 12,000) with a link to the survey. In addition, the link was posted on social media and announced at Board of
County Commissioner meetings. A SWOT analysis survey was also completed by County staff and key organizational volunteers.

The Plan will be reviewed annually and updated periodically to ensure it continues to reflect the vision and priorities of the community. Implementation of the Strategic Plan will require further action from staff, the Board of County Commissioners, and community partners, as necessary.

To read the entire 2018-2027 Strategic Plan and to learn more about the strategies and objectives outlined in the plan, visit http://elbertcounty-co.gov.