5 Things to Know about Code Compliance

Elbert County is committed to supporting a high quality of life for its residents.   Explore below to learn about how to maintain clean and compliant spaces, and why it affects you and your community.

1. What is Code Compliance, and why does it matter?
Code compliance is how our County enforces codes and ordinances related to planning and zoning, as well as maintaining the health and safety of our community. It’s important that buildings and properties are complaint with county codes so that Elbert County reflects the high quality place it is to live, work and play in.

2. What are common types of violations?
Common violations include, uncontained trash and debris, inoperable vehicles, unlicensed commercial businesses and commercial traffic in residential areas, illegal trash burning, RV’s used as long-term residences and overgrown vegetation.

3. How do residents report violations?
Contact Code Enforcement Officer Mike Moore at mike.moore@elbertcounty-co.gov or call 720-595-3610.

4. What happens once a violation is reported?
Once a violation is identified, the Code Enforcement Officer will contact the property owner in person or through mail, and guide them towards a compliant property. If no attempts are made to correct the violations, the property owner may be issued a summons to court. Residents can expect the County to work with them on correcting the issue(s) in a timely fashion. Violations are prioritized by level of health, safety and ability to contact property owners.

5. Where can I learn more about code regulations and compliance?
To explore the regulations in detail, visit: http://www.elbertcounty-co.gov/elbert_county_zoning_regulations

The Board of County Commissioners, along with County staff, recently revised the County codes in order to make them more user friendly, correct outdated and contradictory information and to improve procedures that lead to compliance and issue resolution.

As part of an initiative to increase awareness and enforcement of code regulations, Elbert County is working to provide additional helpful resources to residents. Follow us on Facebook for updates and more information.