An Interview with Mike Moore

It only takes a stray spark to cause a forest fire.

Unlawful burning has endangered homes across the country. It's easy for a resident to lose control over a "controlled burn," and for the blaze to spread -- endangering houses, businesses, and wildlife along the way. To ensure this does not threaten Elbert County, the local government has hired a new Code Compliance officer, Mike Moore. In addition to investigating illegal burning, he will also look into cases of unkempt houses, broken-down vehicles, and unlawful uses of RV's and trailers.

"These things pose a safety hazard to you and your families," Mike says. A passionate family man, he cares about the residents of the county. He wants to ensure a safe environment for them. People may not know the fire restrictions or the danger an abandoned vehicle can cause. It's important to keep the county residences up to code, both for safety reasons and to ensure high property values. Since he comes out of a career in law enforcement, Mike understands how to assess risks and communicate clearly with the public. "This transition is a change from criminal enforcement to a more civil enforcement role," he says.

If you receive a notice in the mail, you should feel secure knowing Mike is ready and willing to assist you in getting your property into compliance. "Once a violation is identified," Mike says, "citizens can expect I will do what I can to work with them on correcting the issue/s in a timely fashion." He takes his role seriously and hopes others will share similar concerns and a desire to improve their property value. In extreme cases, he says, "If no attempts are made to correct the violations, I may issue a summons to court."

Since he's the first officer of his kind in the local government, Mike has spent the first few weeks of his new position familiarizing himself with the record keeping systems. " I have started by reviewing the County’s current codes, resolutions and ordinances," he says. "I am prioritizing the complaints by level of health safety and contacting property owners on identified issues."

Over time, he hopes to bring the county up to code so residents can go about their day, confident of their residential safety. If you would like to review the county's zoning regulations, you can find them online at