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Elbert County is part of the CodeRED alert network, a free emergency notification system that contacts registered users via phone.

This service will notify subscribers of emergency situations through pre-recorded phone calls, text messages, emails and the CodeRED mobile alert app.

Types of CodeRED Notifications:
• Road closures during winter storm events
• Severe weather warnings and weather-related emergencies
• Lost children
• Police activity
• Fire emergencies
• Any emergency reason deemed necessary by County officials

How Do I Sign Up?
Residents must register ahead of an emergency to receive notifications. Register online by visiting If you do not have an internet connection, call 303-805-6132 Monday through Thursday (7:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.) to be added to the system.

You will only receive a warning if the physical address(es) you add to the system are in the area that is affected by the emergency.

7 Things to Know About the CodeRED Alert System:
• You can register multiple addresses, like your home and work, to receive updates related to different geographic areas.
• You may register multiple phone numbers for any address.
• Signing up allows users to set their contact preferences.
• If you move, you will need to register again with the new address.
• A CodeRED Emergency message will have a caller ID number of 866-419-5000 and will be identified using the name “Emergency Comm”.
• Individuals may choose to opt out of receiving weather alerts only. Most landline phone numbers are already listed in the CodeRED database. To OPT OUT of CodeRED notifications, visit or call 866-939-0911.
• All personal information submitted to the CodeRED system is confidential.

What is the CodeRED Mobile App?
CodeRED offers a mobile app for Android and iPhones. Elbert County residents and business owners who download the app will receive CodeRED alerts for the geolocation of the phone. Alerts will include community, emergency and severe weather updates.