Steps in Purchasing a Vehicle From a Dealership

When Purchasing a Vehicle From a Dealer The Following Paperwork is Required:


  1. A manufacturer's statement of origin, or title properly assigned.
  2. A standard sales tax receipt.
  3. Application for title, form DR2411.
    • Joint Tenancy / Tenancy in Common
  4. A security agreement, odometer statement, VIN inspection, and a dealer's bill of sale, if applicable.
  5. A certified weight slip is required when titling a truck for the first time in Colorado without an MSO and the empty weight is between 4,500 and 10,000 pounds. A certified weight slip is required when titling a motor home for the first time in Colorado.
  6. If you have plates you wish to transfer, bring your registration and plates from the old vehicle.
    Once the County receives the paperwork from the dealer, a "Title Complete" card will be sent to the customer. The cards will not show the amount due nor will fees be quoted over the phone.
    If there is not a lien on the vehicle, the dealer may send the paperwork directly to the individual not to the County. Please check with the title clerk at the dealership to find out where the paperwork will be mailed.
  7. Proof of Insurance required.
    Note: Colorado plates remain with the customer NOT the vehicle. If a vehicle is sold or traded, license plates should be removed. A pro-rata portion of the registration fees may be credited toward the same owner's renewal or new vehicle registration, provided the registration has not expired at the time of the credit. Bring in old plates and proof of sale or trade-in date.