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Below are other more frequently asked questions to help you with your permit application submittal;

How do I submit a building permit application?
Building permit applications are at the bottom of this page.
To estimate a permit fee for your project please use the permit fee calculator toward the bottom of this page.

Work exempt from permits

How long does it take for me to get my permit after I submit?

How do I get a contractor's license?

How do I request an inspection?

My inspector requested photos. How do I submit them?

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2018 IBC, IRC, IECC, IEBC, IMC, IFGC, IPC, IPMC, IFC, and amendments thereto.

Elbert County Building Criteria Tables: Click Here

Building Department Policies;
17-01 Exhaust Fans
17-02 Re roof
18-01 Water and Gas Lines
18-04 Shower Pan
18-05 Permit Application Submittal Hours
18-06 Permit Issuance Hours
18-08 Structures 90% Open to Weather
18-09 Plan Review Fees19-02 Radon Mitigation for Modular Housing
19-03 Radon mitigation for Basement Finishes in Existing Construction
19-04 Acceptable Payment Methods for Temporary CO
19-05 Storage Containers
19-06 Expired Permits
20-01 Violation Fees
20-01 Addendum: Retro-active permitting
20-02 House Wrap
20-03 Definition Dwelling Unit

residential Building permit fee calculator (include square footage for overhangs on accessory structurs): click here (temporarily not in use)
Commercial building permit fee calculator: click here


Accessory Structures (decks, animal shelters, detached garages, etc.)

Accessory Dwelling



Simple Permits

 You may email your over the counter permit applications to:
and copy