Residential Revaluation General Information

In Colorado, Real property is reassessed every other year (odd years 2017-2019 etc.) The following intervening year the value will remain the same unless there has been a change affecting the value and/or use of the property.  In May of the reappraisal year,  each property owner will receive a Notice of Value. This IS NOT a tax bill. The Notice of Value (NOV) is to notify you of any change in your value and to  inform you of your right to appeal this new value. NEW, to the assessor's office is your ability to appeal your value online. I would suggest reading the appeal information tab prior to filing an appeal. This will guide you through the process.
Link to Appeal: Online Real Property Appeal Form

Of course, our office would enjoy having a conversation with you regarding your new value and any questions that you may have prior to filing an appeal.  Listed below is Elbert County market information.

Elbert County Mass Appraisal Process

Elbert County Market Information (News)

Residential Qualified Sales List July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2018

Market Area Median Percent Change Map

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