Road and Bridge

The mission of the Road and Bridge Department is to provide the citizens of the County with the safest possible roadway infrastructure, with the funds that are available.  To improve the roadway system as funding is available.  To take pride in the maintenance of the roadway system and the equipment used to complete the same.    

218 Cheyenne Street, Kiowa, CO 80117
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Rory Hale, Director of Public Works

effective: 12/19/18 - fee & permit update
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2018 in review

The paving project funded by the Public Improvement District voted in by the taxpayers of Sun Country Meadows will be in the final stages of completion at the end of 2018.  Items such as seeding will be performed in the Spring of 2019.  Sun Country Drive and Saddle Horn Drive are sporting 3.91 miles of new pavement.  Rocky Mountain Excavating was the contractor for the project.
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Gravel road rebuilds
Six miles of gravel roadway received reconstruction in 2018:  
3.5 miles in Ponderosa Park Subdivision
.5 miles of Buffalo Trail
1 mile of CR 114
1 mile of CR 77
Each received widening of the roadway, re-establishing ditch lines, re-aligning water shed and improving
right-of-way sight distance as well as safety by clearing trees and personal property. In addition to the road rebuild projects 72 new culverts have been installed throughout the County and numerous existing culverts have been cleaned out and repaired.

chip seal
Chip Seal is a restorative treatment used on asphalt roadways. All asphalt roadways are prioritized for the annual treatment. In 2018, 16.5 miles of Kiowa Bennett Road, 2.05 miles of CR 106 and 8 miles of CR 17-21 received Chip Seal.

ASPHALT overlays
This restorative process increases the life of asphalt roadways. Two miles of roadway received asphalt  overlays including 1 mile of County Road 45 south of Kiowa and 1 mile of Cherokee Trail.

crack seal
Over 25 miles of crack seal was applied as a maintenance treatment to asphalt roadways.  Crack seal is applied to prevent moisture from collecting and expanding in cracks and potholes in asphalt extending the useful life of the roadway.

roadway assessments
Updates to the Western Elbert County Transportation Plan will be implemented upon completion of a pavement assessment and a gravel assessment.  In addition, a bridge assessment outlining repair and replacement of all bridges is set for completion by the end of the year.

equipment replacement
Road and Bridge has replaced the following aged and failing equipment in 2018: 4 semi-trucks and belly dump trailers, 2 snow plow trucks, 1 dozer, 2 loaders, 4 crew pickups, 4 road graders, Simla communication tower, 3 sign boards and 4 traffic counters.

updated equipment
The building of a salt sand shed for the storage of salt sand material commenced in the fall of 2018.  This shed reduces cost by eliminating waste and meets environmental standards.  Mag-chloride application stations were added to the Road and Bridge operations in 2018. This application is used on asphalt  roadways for freeze mitigation as well as dust control on gravel roadways. A tack-trailer was acquired through a lease purchase option to be used for asphalt patching operations.  This will reduce the expense of renting the equipment.
New Salt Sand Storage Building

Road and Bridge operations underwent a restructure in 2018.  The division is now divided into five
sections including: Blade Crew, Truck Crew, Drainage Crew, Project Crew and Mechanic Crew.  Each crew is supervised by a Foreman.  This restructure has resulted in great success as it utilizes the strengths of each employee, improves communication and focuses efforts between each crew.  Increased training to all employees has also been a focus in 2018.  Inter-governmental cooperation has rekindled in 2018 strengthening relationships with bordering counties.   Road and Bridge responded to three mutual aid calls providing road grader, dozer and water tanker assistance when called upon by local fire districts.  Road and
Bridge is in the process of systematically updating the traffic counts of all roadways.  The process is estimated to take about two years.  This will aid future planning for projects.  Road signs are being replaced across the County. Many signs are faded and/or damaged and will be updated to meet all standards.  This will be a multi-year project that Road and Bridge will be allocating more money to for the next few years.