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The mission of the Road and Bridge Department is to provide the citizens of the County with the safest possible roadway infrastructure, with the funds that are available. To improve the roadway system as funding is available. To take pride in the maintenance of the roadway system and the equipment used to complete the same.

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Rory Hale, Director of Public Works

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The following projects are planned for the summer of 2019. Projects are expected to being June 1 and continue through December 1. All projects are dependent upon weather.

Chip Seal is a pavement surface treatment that combines one or more layer(s) of asphalt with one or more layer(s) of fine aggregate. The chip seal treatment is performed by a contract vendor. In preparation for the chip seal, Elbert County Road and Bridge crews will be performing crack seal and patching to the listed roadways. The crack seal and patching allows the chip seal to adhere to the roadway and increases the life of the Chip Seal treatment greatly. Crack seal and patching are not intended to "look pretty". The Chip Seal treatment will be beautiful!

Phase 1
County Road 17-21 from Hwy 86 to County Road 124 -3.5 miles . This will be a Double Chip Seal Treatment due to the traffic load experienced on this roadway.
Phase 2
County Road 150/Ponderosa from County Road 13 to the Douglas County Line - 3.25 miles
County Road 5 from County Road 150 to County Road 146 - .9 miles
County Road 146 from County Road 5 to the Douglas County Line - 1 miles
County Road 142 from County Road 13 to Cimarron - .6 miles
Cimarron from County Road 142 to Hwy 86 - 2.1 miles
Phase 3
County Road 45 from Hwy 86 to Surface Change - 3.36 miles
Phase 4
County Road 13 from Hwy 86 to County Road 166 - 7.5 miles
Phase 5
County Road 125 from Hwy 24 North to Surface change - 1.1 miles
County Road 125 from Hwy 24 South to Surface change - 1 mile

Road Rebuild projects consist of ditch establishment/re-establishment, realignment of water shed, improvement of right-of-way sight distance, establishment of road base and surface treatment.

Phase 1
County Road 194 from Kiowa Bennett Road to Patrick Trail - This project will also include construction to the bridge. If road closures become necessary, Elbert County Road & Bridge will release this information in advance of closures.
Phase 2
County Road 17 from County Road 186 to County Road 194
Phase 3
County Road 186 from County Road 17 to County Road 21