Septic Systems

Elbert County Health Department regulates all Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) within the county in accordance to The OWTS Act, C.R.S. §25-10-10a to ensure the proper installation and use of septic systems.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment – OTWS

♦ Complete OWTS System $973.00 ♦ Tank Only $250.00 /Field Only $250.00 ♦ Tank and Field $500.00 ♦ Re-Inspection Fee $100.00 ♦ All Other Alterations $100.00 ♦ Use Permit $100.00 ♦ Six to Twelve Month Extension $250.00

Please note: New OWTS and tank/field inspections and permits will be completed within 7 - 10 business days. All use permits will be completed within 5 - 7 business days. All payments are Non-Refundable. New permits are valid for one year only. Repair permits are valid for 60 days after issuance. Use permits are valid for six (6) months after issuance.

Requirements for Septic Inspection and Approval:
1. OWTS Permit MUST be applied for PRIOR to Building Permit.
2. Soil test and permit fee must be provided at the time of application.
3. After installation, a Record Drawing is required for new tanks, fields or complete systems. Maps must be drawn to scale with a north arrow indicated and include benchmarks. System will NOT be approved for use until the Record Drawing is received.
4. Lot must be marked, soil profile and perk holes marked properly.
5. Installer must be currently licensed in Elbert County.
6. Site visit must be conducted.
7. Soils data will be reviewed and system will be properly sized.
8. All systems/installations must be inspected by this department.

2018 ISDS Regulations (effective June 1, 2018) 

2020 Licensed OWTS Installers

2020 Licensed OWTS Transporter & Inspection Services

If you need to download a System Permit Application, please go to the 'Forms' tab on the home page or click on this link: OWTS Inspection Application Form. There are also other forms such as the inspection form and Application for Installer License, on the 'Forms' tab.