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Volunteers needed:

Elbert County is seeking volunteers for its 2020 Census Complete Count Committee. Volunteers will meet periodically between May 2019 and June 2020 to help the U.S. Census Bureau plan and conduct local initiatives and promotional activities to increase Elbert County citizen participation in the 2020 Census in April 2020. Commissioners will appoint members of the committee and hope to include representation from local businesses, community groups, local government, education, and religious groups, as well as other representatives who can connect with and encourage Elbert County's diverse citizens to participate in the census. The count is used to determine the County's representation in the Colorado State Legislature and U.S. House of Representatives, and to properly redistrict state and county voting districts. It's also important in determining how much federal funding Elbert County receives for health, education and transportation programs. The count is critical to Elbert County's future - please help us make it a success! 

Elbert County has current and projected vacancies on the Planning Commission.  We would like to request applications for this important role within the County.  Per Zoning Regulations, applicants must live within the County.  The Planning Commission strives to maintain a balance of Commissioners by staggering expiration dates and voting districts.  Commissioners may be reimbursed $30 per meeting plus mileage.  Commissioner terms are 3 years unless filling an unexpired vacancy. 

The Sheriff's Office has a current vacancy for a Volunteer Victim Advocate.  Click for job summary and description of essential duties.

The Elbert County Office of Emergency Management (OEM), along with the local Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross, will hold an informational kickoff meeting for a series of volunteer trainings for Elbert County citizens who are interested in volunteering during large emergencies. The kickoff meeting will be on Saturday, July 13, 2019 at 3pm at the Emergency Operations Center, 751 Ute Avenue in Kiowa. No registration is required.

During the “Bomb Cyclone” snowstorm event in March 2019, it became clear that Elbert County needs more trained volunteers to help in temporary shelters. To address this shortage, the Elbert County OEM has partnered with the Mile High Chapter of the American Red Cross to conduct free training sessions focused around three key volunteer roles: Shelter Manager, Shelter Support Staff and Disaster Action Team (DAT) members.

At the kickoff meeting, you’ll see job descriptions for these roles, and hear an outline of the training requirements for each. The training for these roles is a combination of online Red Cross classes and some instructor-led classes. Participants can then decide which one of these roles they want to be trained on and register for the next step. The goal of this campaign is to have a highly trained team of local residents that are ready to help their community during the next big emergency.

For more information, contact OEM Director Alex Jakubowski at alex.jakubowski@elbertcounty-co.gov or (303) 805-6132.

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