Volunteer Boards

Planning Commission Board

Elbert County has current and projected vacancies on the Planning Commission.  We would like to request applications for this important role within the County.  Per Zoning Regulations, applicants must live within the County.  The Planning Commission strives to maintain a balance of Commissioners by staggering expiration dates and voting districts.  Commissioners may be reimbursed $30 per meeting plus mileage.  Commissioner terms are 3 years unless filling an unexpired vacancy.

Current vacancies are predicted for all three districts.  If you are interested in serving as a Planning Commissioner, please send a letter of interest to the HR department containing the following:

  1. Which district you live in.
  2. Why you want to serve on the Planning Commission.
  3. Any relevant land use planning experience.
  4. A resume or CV.

This announcement will be open until all vacancies are filled.  The Planning Commission Chair may schedule interviews to further qualify applicants before making recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.